I am born and raised in the open landscape of Skåne, Sweden. Daugther of a Swedish mother and a Bajan father. Sweden gives me an appreciation for the shifting experiences of the North. Darkness and light forever changing back and forth. Barbados gives me a love for the ocean, close-ness to nature and a helluva lot of cousins. I am currently living and working in French seaside town Biarritz.

 I try to bring a sense of wonder into my own life trough my paintings. Art brings me to a place nestled between reality and dreams where I can let my imagination grow. In that place I feel meaningful, like the essence of being human is to be able to create.

/Filippa Edghill


Pictures by Serena Lutton, Julien Binet, Elisa Routa and Keenan Newman.



"Moon" // Providence // Guethary, France - September 2018

"Doux Rêveurs" // La Coquiniere // Bayonne, France - November 2017

"Body of Water" // Kursaal Palace // San Sebastian. Spain - July 2017

 "Blue Universe" // Helder // Biarritz, France - June 2017

"Tiny Dancer" // Darwin // Bordeaux, France - December 2016

Daughter of the Water // Providence // Guethary, France - October 2016

Mölle Krukmakeri keramiker // Höganäs Museum // Högans, Sweden - August 2015

Group exhibition // Röda Kvarn // Helsingborg, Sweden - December 2015

Sailors and Surfers // 6/5/4 // Stockholm, Sweden - 2012